An artist from south east of France; you can now discover her work thanks to Internet.
Sensuality of the painting with its themes, whose thick material is threated both with the brush or the knife, calling to mind some feminine presence moving into a scenery which can be imaginary or more realistic, like markets of Provence. You can feel the same feminine theme in sculptures suggesting movement, dance, inner expression. Color is not excluded, since the artist plays with some various clays: red, white, green, grey, and black, as well as oxids and enamels.

Here is an overlook of her work:

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You wish to know more about her... here is the Dany Gras's resume. Please tell us your notices and suggestions, (which are welcome), and your questions... and vote for your favourite painting or sculpture. You can also buy some of these works. For example the price of the biggest paintings, (40*60 cm) is about 500€. Ask us for more informations.

contact us danygras@free.fr

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